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Ana Denis

Having build a career in a IT security company, Ana started her entrepreneurial journey in 2019. With a rich history of launching disruptive online businesses and taking them to the top, Ana owns dozens of and rankings websites. Having invested more than 20 years researching human behavior and how to leverage different sales methodologies to effectively influence decision-makers, Ana knows what it takes to build an online business and succeed.

Ana loves to travel and has seen over 45 countries, read books on marketing and behavioral psychology.  She is leveraging her experience and expertise to help digital marketing agencies and end-user clients be successful. She blogs about marketing, growth hacks and life in the Netherlands.

Ana holds a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in International Journalism, and she has further enhanced her qualifications by completing over 20 additional marketing courses and earning various certificates.
12 years experience in SEO and digital marketing
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